What to Expect

     We strive to provide you with best in class service. Whether in your home, office or travel accommodations. That means protecting you, your privacy and your property. You can rest assured, knowing we are fully licensed and insured.

 Upon making a reservation we will collect your personal information stored and secured in a professional third-party cloud data base. Your session history, promos, and payments will be stored here. Before your session you will receive an automatic email to confirm or cancel your reservation with a link to the intake form. To save time for your session we ask that you fill out the intake form prior to your reservation. It will be reviewed and discussed with you before your session.

We will arrive at location upon your reservation time, with 15 minutes before and after session to set up and clean up. Therefore total time spent at location is session time plus 30 minutes.  When we enter your property we are respectful and take caution. We are carful with our equipment and mindful of moving it, we respectfully ask that you do not assist. We first protect your floor from scratches, oil, aroma therapy ect; by creating a work space. 

Once everything is set up, reviewed, and ready to go we will ask to be directed to the nearest restroom to sanitize our hands, forearms and elbows. This time will provide you with privacy to undress. The same process will be repeated when the massage time has ended for you to re-dress. We ask that you do not undress or dress while we are in the room. 

Our draping is tight and secure at all times to provide modesty.  We will check in with you during the massage to ensure your comfort. We encourage you to provide feedback at any time if you are uncomfortable or anything isn't to your liking before, during or after you session. 

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you!